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All new clients must book services via our online booking app. 

If you have scheduling questions please

text 347-491-1212 or email

There will be a delay response to all voicemail messages.




Please note we will have price adjustments effective August 1st  please review our Menu of Services as some services have changed. 

** We are currently looking for models for our new Hybrid Brow Dye & Brow mapping service. Must sign content, be ok with before/after photos and available for a 2 hour appointment, not offered on weekends or evenings, text 347-491-1212 to schedule ** 

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Full Set & Touch-up Fill Info


Whether its a "single" lash extension or a "fan of singles" the process of applying to one individual natural lash is the same its the look and style that various and is based on preference (Classic, Hybrid or Mega) please note, the number of lashes applied in each set is dependent upon how many natural lashes you have.

"Signature" Classic Beauty Bar Artistry Full Set ($185)
Our standard signature classic full set.  We apply an extension to every fully grown lash to give you low maintenance, wear-them-anywhere, mascara free lashes - up to 120 lashes per eye or more! This service takes 2-3 hours.


"Hybrid" Beauty Bar Artistry Full Set ($225 - $265) *most popular *

For those who prefer a textured, or bold fluffy look but yet have thin, sparse natural lashes this would be the Set for you. A Hybrid Set is a combination of both Classic and Volume lashes and is customized per each client. Those who normally would only be able to have 60-80 lashes applied with a Classic set can now double that amount with a Hybrid set. Giving you more volume, and thickness without damaging your natural lashes. Over 100 lash extension per eye can easily be achieved within 2.5-3 hours. Volume lashes are handmade or will be pre-made and can range from 2D to 5D in size. – These aren’t clusters!


"Mega - Volume" Full Set ($285 and up)

Bring on the Drama... An advanced technique, takes a great deal of skill and time. Introduced to the lash industry back in 2016. Same concept as "Volume" however its creating 8D-20D "Mega" fans with the use of smaller and finer diameter lashes by hand and/or pre-made. Very popular with younger clients as the look can be very customized to resemble strip lashes.









Fills are touchup appointments to add extensions to lashes that have shed and new lashes that have grown. During your fill appointment lashes that are noticeably grown out or may have twisted will be removed, however the more lashes that need to be removed limits the time to lash new lashes. This is why we recommend clients schedule fills within 2-3 weeks and must return with at least 40-50% of lashes still remaining.


Fills are intended to keep your set looking full and even, they also aid in monitoring the health of your lashes. Just as many need a 2-week nail fill to prevent lifting or a break and to keep them looking nice and polished. Lash extensions are the same!


Beyond 3 weeks your lashes will be grown out significantly and will show obvious gaps. The longer you go in between touch-up fills will take more time and will cost more.

* Note, we do not offer touch-up fills past 30 days from your last in-house fill, touch-ups needed after 30 days from last fill will be charged as a full set. *   

Foreign Fills - Touch-up Fills offered to those who are in need of a fill but did not receive lash services from Beauty Bar Artistry prior and will be considered a new client. - * see "Foreign Fills" for pricing 


On average, we shed 20 lashes a week per eye, which gives us roughly a 40% loss after 2 weeks. Those with thicker dark natural lashes won’t notice as much thinning as those with thinner lashes or those who wear make-up daily or have poor lash hygiene. After your first 2-week fill some notice a more thick appearance due to the growth of new lashes which other words were previously damaged or broke off due to make-up, use of lash curlers or rubbing and now these new lashes can be lashed.

Prices are based on time - the better you care for your lashes, the less time you'll need!  Also, please arrive make-up free to your lash appointment as this ensures the maximum time possible to apply lashes!     

Mega-Volume Lashing


Ita is amazing! I’m very happy with my lashes! They look great, I’ve received lots of compliments. Just booked my second appointment ahead! Thank you Ita, you’re a great person and talented artist!

Laura D

I'm a first timer here with the whole lash experience so needless to say I was fearful. No worries, Ita was spectacular! She made me feel wonderful and well taken care of. She communicated with me explaining the whole process helping me to feel more at ease and we discussed the look I wanted prior to my visit. The place was very clean and organized as well as comfortable. I wanted a natural look and she gave it to me! I'm 61 years young now instead of "old". My lashes look incredible and make my eyes look so much better! Thank you for this great experience and making me feel incredible! Ita has herself a new customer that will definitely return!!

This is the first time I got a lash lift and the experience and results for fabulous. I would definitely do it again at House of Beauty.

Michelle Q

Karen S

Beauty Bar Artistry
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