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Hello and thanks for visiting, my name is ITA, or should I say that’s my preferred name.

I’m a licensed Aesthetician, Certified Lash Artist & Founder of Beauty Bar Artistry.


After spending many years in Corporate America and feeling completely burnt out and unfulfilled. I decided it was time to take back control and start living again. After obtaining my MBA degree nearly ten years ago it was time to switch gears and do something that would feed my creativity and passion for all thing beauty. So I decided to pursue Esthetics training which only strengthened my love for the beauty industry and pumped life back into me. Ever since I’ve been following my dreams and passion  – lashes & all things beauty.


My passion for all things beauty began at a very young age. Growing up in a household where your mother attended beauty school and was influenced by hair, nails and makeup. So needless to say my obsession with all things beauty had a very early onset. The lens I looked through as a child was a colorful one, which fostered creativity, self-expression and contributed to my unique feminist style and years of modeling. 

My creative spirit and need to serve others is ultimately the best combination as a lash artist or a beauty enhancer (as I like to call it). My approach always comes from a custom creative vision bringing forth each client’s best features and boosting ones confidence. I take extreme pride in my work and providing the best customer experience. It’s important for me to learn & perfect my craft which frequently I attend training, trade shows and continuously pursue opportunities to build my skills, knowledge and build strong relationships.


On a personal note, I love all things that foster beauty, everything that shimmers & shines and especially if it’s pink in color. I love nails and even thou I don’t have much time these days to wear makeup I do very much love makeup, skin care, nice shaped brows and a great set of lashes. I like to think of myself as a spunky extreme extrovert who doesn’t take her perfectionist self too serious. I don’t spend countless hours on social media nor pride myself as being an awesome photographer, but I’m working on developing these skills. :)

I’ve always connected on a higher level, spiritually and emotionally - I’m an empath, I feel ones emotions and energy which allows me to connect to people on a much deeper level. This superhero power can be draining at times but it’s me and makes me unique. It allows me to surround myself with nothing but positive good vibes which fosters a very positive experience for all.  Those alike will totally understand, it’s that unspoken language.


My humble upbringing and my own personal trials and tribulations makes the saying, “I wear my heart on my shelve” an understatement.  But above all, my biggest, most precious accomplishment and life’s mission is being a mother - my 9 year old son is my hero and motivation. 


I feel extremely lucky to be where I am today. There’s nothing more fulfilling then doing what you love. My decision to leave Corporate America wasn't easy and yes I went out on a leap of faith however after enrolling in school and receiving my Esthetician license I can honestly say it was the best decision I could have made for my future. It showed me that beauty wasn't not only me biggest passion, making women feel beautiful was!


Its my mission to make every client feel comfortable and leave feeling their very best.

Life is too short, everyone should be made to look and feel beautiful!  


Live, Love, Lash!

I hope to see you soon!


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